Can Bonvera disrupt e-commerce?

Bonvera: the transition to we-commerce through e-commerce via a Compensated Marketplace.

Why do you believe Bonvera [] will disrupt, and ultimately revolutionize, the way e-commerce is done?” This type of question has been a common interest for people first learning about Bonvera. If you are asking this question, chances are, you already understand we live in a fast changing business landscape. You also demonstrate that you can be an independent thinker and bypass the “critic mode ” that, as if off a script, says this is just another one of “those things.” A simple reflection of our history books would show how a little start-up, know as Walmart, had a huge vision and a simple plan that allowed it to pass the giants of its day, such as K-Mart, leaving them utterly incapable of recovery. We have watched social media giants emerge and transition. How many of us can remember the social network provided by MySpace? Did you have a MySpace account? Do you still? If so, it may truly be your space now as everyone seems to have transitioned to Facebook, among others. For those honestly seeking the truth of this disruptive claim, regarding Bonvera, it is one that deserves some honest attention.

We seem to live in an age where marketing plans continually boast of predictable and grandiose results but, then seem to drop the ball on their delivery. How can you be so confident Bonvera can, and will, deliver on its claim? To answer this question let’s review our history books regarding a company who currently sits atop the hill of e-commerce and analyze the plan that seems to have taken them to the top. After all, if we can have access to a proven blue print for success and then improve it, isn’t it possible to change an industry? Let’s let the facts assist you in drawing your own conclusion.

22 years ago (as I type this) a start-up was entering the unknown, and often untrusted, world of e-commerce. Their business model was simple. Be one of the largest online book providers in the world. As I understand it, this company Amazon had a vision to carry not just the most popular books on the market, but even the most obscure books you could ever hope to find. It’s as if they wanted to have it, just in case you didn’t want it, and therefore gave you the opportunity to find it there (insert laughter)! Let’s make it simple. They had a simple plan that started with a limited product offering but, over time, customers found them to be a reliable source to meet that need. Once customers began to know, use and trust this portal to meet their book needs, they began to express an interest in more product offerings, and then more, and then more and so it began…

Amazon’s growth was not lucky and it was not random. They had a plan. A simple plan. Let’s briefly walk through it.  

1) They started with people. Really!?! Yes, it may seem obvious but, to succeed in business, you need people. Why state the obvious? Because I have heard the innocent comment that someone may not want to be in a business that needs to get people. If you don’t want to be in a business that gets people (customers), rest assured that you won’t be in any business long.

2) Those people drove traffic. Again simple.

3) That traffic attracted sellers. After all, sellers (businesses) need people. Here we are with that common denominator again, people!

4) Those sellers increased selection.  


Wait, there has to be more. Ok, I forgot one:


View the following diagram to visually see how simple, yet effective, this cycle for growth really is/was.

But wait, there’s more (written in my best, cheesy, infomercial voice)!!

As Amazons volume of orders began to grow, it allowed for a lower cost structure. That lower cost structure resulted in lower, more competitive, prices. What do you think resulted as pricing continued to improve for the people? Those people drove more traffic, attracted more sellers, increased selection and ‘the beat goes on’… See diagram below.

We are getting close to the grand finally now. If a company can lower its cost structure, resulting in lower prices, it will also enjoy deeper profit margins. In business vernacular, that is known as larger profits! Now guess where that profit went? I’m going to make you work for this one. View the following diagram below and you tell me if you can follow the money trail and decide on your own who enjoys the profits as a result of this simple plan.  

So this all makes sense but, what does it have to do with our original question? How does this apply to Bonvera and why are so many people claiming this company will charge the e-commerce hill and have a real chance to change the way commerce is done?

This is where you come in. Let’s tie it all together. Bonvera understands that none of this cycle of growth and profit is possible without the people. So why not reward the people. Why not reward YOU!?!

Let’s ask a simple question: If you are going to buy products for the remainder of your existence and you have the following two options, which would you choose?

A) buy products, get products


B) buy products, get products, receive benefits

If the logic of this simple choice has you intrigued, let’s complete our answer.

Bonvera’s plan is simple but, profound. Beginning at the soft launch of the company, we will engage in a similar growth cycle as just described above. While we will not start with books, Bonvera will provide 4 tiers of products. These products will include:

Tier 1) Our private label Phyzix brand.

Tier 2) Name brand products most people already know, use and trust.

Tier 3) Partner stores.

Tier 4) Affiliate stores.

As a loyal community of people utilize the Bonvera portal, guess what is expected will transpire? That community will drive more traffic, that traffic will continue to attract more sellers, those sellers will bring with them additional selection for the community and the cycle begins. It feels like we’ve been here before…lol! Here is where it gets fun. As our cost structure continues to lower and our already competitive prices lower even more, we attract more people. Are you catching on?

I said ALL that to get to this: Bonvera has created the first ever Compensated Marketplace designed to take profit and pay Associates based on the market share they develop on behalf of the company. It Compensates the people for developing a Marketplace where other people do their commerce. Your compensation will be commensurate with your performance within Bonvera’s compensation plan. See final diagram below. 




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A Ripe or Rotten Life?

Contrary to popular belief, most things in life do not happen over night, good or bad.  There are few, if any, overnight successes, no marriages (at least that I have ever been exposed too) that thrive without diligent effort and commitment, and the list goes on.  Rather, most areas of our lives are a reflection and result of our daily habits that, when consistently exercised, produce fruit in our lives.  The question then begs to be asked, is the fruit ‘ripe’ or ‘rotten’ and how do we consistently produce ‘ripe’ fruit?

It is said by author Jim Collins, in his book ‘Good to Great,’ that we must confront brutal reality in our lives.  If we are unwilling to take personal responsibility for the results we are currently getting in life, then we eliminate the opportunity to make the changes necessary.  If you want an area of life to produce ‘ripe’ fruit, one must take PERSONAL responsibility for its development.

Many areas of life can be looked at to dig into this idea.   One that most of us have personal experience with is marriage.  How is it that over 50% of marriages end in divorce?  If we stop to think about this alarming statistic, it would tend to indicate that a much larger percentage (likely 70-80%) are unhappy and have ‘rotten’ fruit evident daily.  The truth is that things don’t go bad in a marriage in an instant.  Bad fruit in a marriage is the result of our daily habits and belief systems, acted on, over time.  Many people judge, and respond to, their partners actions and judge their own personal good intentions.  You and I probably tend to want the other partner to work hard because that will make OUR lives easier, but we really don’t want to have to do the hard work ourselves.  While I am of the belief that a marriage of love, understanding, and togetherness is not rooted in romance, but in worship, I also understand that no one gives grace better than someone who is convicted that they need it as well.  I appreciate what author Paul David Tripp says in his book ‘What Did You Expect?’  “View yourself as a marital mason.  You are daily on the job adding another layer of bricks that will determine the shape of your marriage for days, weeks, and years to come.” …  “We want the good things to come to us without the hard work of laying the daily bricks that will result in the good things.” … “You must understand that a good marriage is not a mysterious gift.  No, it is, rather, a set of commitments that forges itself into a moment-by-moment lifestyle.”

You want a life changing environment to grow in your marriage, finances, relationships, etc.?

1) Begin by confronting brutal reality.  Stop taking your own advice if your best thinking put you in the spot of unhappiness.  As a good friend of mine would always say, “Analyze your most dominant assumptions.”

2) Refuse to act on unspoken expectations any longer and get rid of the attitude of ‘arrival.’

3) Find a mentor whose life exemplifies the fruit you desire and learn what seeds they have planted to grow.

4) Plant those daily seeds of development that, when watered and cared for, will soon grow into an environment changing forest.

Life can be like running up a down escalator.  The minute you stop moving forward, you are going backwards.”

Always remember that hopelessness in any area of ours lives is ONLY a way of seeing, NOT a state of being.  Your kids are the voice to a generation of people whom you will never meet and they deserve your best efforts.  Resolve to act COURAGOUSLY and move from a wandering generality in life to living as a specific intent!  Find a mentor who has the fruit on the tree you desire and develop the daily habits of success and ‘ripe’ fruit in your life.  Be a LIFE changer!

In Christ,

Tim Jarvinen

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